Pawan's son Akira undergoing treatment

Monday, May 9, 2016 - 17:00

Pawan Kalyan’s son is undergoing treatment. His mother Renu Desai has tweeted that Akira was injured badly in a cycle accident. “Akira had bad cycle accident,got him to one of d best hospitals&inspite of seeing an injured child d delay in treatmnt&waiting&insensitivity.”

Akira is Pawan Kalyan’s son from his second wife Renu Desai. She stays along with her kids in Pune. 12 year old Akira Nandan has a hand fracture, lots of face, knee, shoulder and elbow wounds. Renu Desai further explained that the lad was okay now. 

She expressed displeasure on how insensitive the hospitals were. She wrote, “Rather, directly die,than go to big hospitals for treatments!The insensitivity of the entire system frm docs to nurses kills d human spirit