Prabhas: No Dhoom, Only Baahubali!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 15:45

After the release of Baahubali Prabhas was in news that he will be acting in several other films. But Prabhas has clearly stated that he will be working in Baahubali 2 for now. No other films are on cards the actor affirmed.

Last week the news was that Yash Raj Films approached Prabhas to do the villains role in Dhoom 4. The prequels saw John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan as villains. Post Baahubali, it is said that Aditya Chopra the producer of Dhoom series felt that Prabhas was perfect for the villain’s role for the fourth part.

Some of Prabhas friends confirm that this offer did come his way, but the actor is not keen on doing a straight Hindi film for now. Also Prabhas has his hands full with Baahubali 2, so till 2017, the actor will not be doing any other film apart from Baahubali, confirmed the sources.