RGV gets angry with Pawan Kalyan fans

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 10:00

“Ram Gopal Varma is dead. RIP RGV” 
These were the facebook posts that shocked everyone. No one knows who are behind these posts but RGV got incensed with these mindless posts and said Pawan Kalyan’s fans are doing this. Attacking the Powerstar’s fans, RGV today tweeted that “Like I said this is reality of PK fans…hope they will get less uncivilized and his Twitter following will increase.”
On should remember that RGV made Pawan Kalyan’s fans get angry with his barrage of tweets against the Powerstar last week. He wondered why Pawan has less followers than Mahesh Babu on twitter, when Pawan even has following in political world. He went to add more such comments that irked the supporters of Pawan Kalyan.

Although Ram Gopal Varma claims his no.1 mega fan of Chiranjeevi and as well as Pawan Kalyan, the mega fans feel otherwise. The Facebook posts declaring RGV as dead is the murky aspect of this war between RGV and Pawan fans.