RGV settles issues with Veerappan's wife

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 15:45

Ram Gopal Varma who made Killing Veerappan, a film on the dreaded smuggler Veerappan belonging to Karnataka has got clearance for the release of the movie from the wife of Veerappan. 
Last week Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi stalled the movie's release as she objected to the movie's promotion. She said her late husband seemed to be portrayed by RGV as evil person. When she refused to give the no objection certificate, the movie's release was put on hold. 
Now, everything seems to be cleared. " Problems with Mutthulakshmi regarding Killing Veerapan have been amicably settled ..Film is releasing on 11th December," tweeted RGV. 
Starring Shivaraj Kumar as the lead actor, the movie is based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill Veerappan. Sandeep Bharadwaj has played the role of Veerappan.