Real reason behind Jayanan's walkout!

Monday, September 14, 2015 - 17:45

Various reports have appeared in media about Jayanan Vincent discontinuing from work for Pawan Kalyan's Sardar Gabbar Singh that is under production. It was reported that Pawan Kalyan and Jayanan Vincent had a tiff and in the heated argument, Jayanan walked out from the project. But the truth is far from this, as per our sources. 
Pawan Kalyan and cameraman Jayanan Vincent are still good friends. They have worked for many films including Badri, Teenmaar, Gabbar Singh and Gopala Gopala. Jayanan handled the camera for director Bobby's maiden movie Power. Such is the good association that he has with Sardar Gabbar Singh's lead star and the director. 
Jayanan after providing camerawork for many films has now decided to become a director on his own and has signed a leading action star as his hero. He will soon be launching his directorial venture. As he would be busy finalizing the script and pre-production work, he reportedly expressed his inability to handle the camera for Sardar Gabbar Singh and requested the Pawan to allow him to concentrate on his work. On mutual consent Jayanan is stepping out from Sardar Gabbar Singh's shoot after cranking two mini schedules. 
This is what really happened, a source informed us, putting an end all the gossips floating around this.