Actress Sony lends support to Arjun

Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 17:30

Actor Arjun is facing allegations of sexual harassment. Actress Shruti Hariharan in a statement narrated how Arjun overstepped the limit during filming of romantic scene for ‘Kurukshetram’. However, producers and director of the movie have denied her allegations. Now Arjun gets support from another actress. Sony Charista who worked with Arjun in a film said she would not believe the allegations against him.

She issued a statement: “I have worked with Mr Arjun Sarja in Kontract movie (yet to be released) and I know the kind of person he is. He is a thorough professional when it comes to work and I don't believe in the allegations levelled against him. He respects women and can never do any kind of activity that can be uncomfortable to a lady. This is my honest opinion and all my support to Arjun Sarja Sir at this stage.”