Allu Arjun lands in self-goal fiasco

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 - 16:15

'Self-goal' is the most commonly used catch phrase among Telugu speaking people. This phrase denotes that a person is landing in soup by his/her own act. Looks like Allu Arjun did the same in matter pertaining to movie critics.
Allu Arjun has been criticising a section of critics for not giving right rating for his recently released "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham'. At the "Thank You Meet", which was held three days after the movie's release, he claimed negative talk wouldn't affect his movies. He hinted that no bad review bog his movie down. Later his director Harish Shankar also slammed critics.
Despite low ratings by critics, media and websites acknowledged the movie's stunning openings and reported it. But the movie saw huge drop in the collections after the first four days, and a section of media pointed out Allu Arjun's comment.
The other day, Allu Arjun has again raked up critics issue in USA. This is another self-goal. By constantly talking about ratings and critics, he himself has lowered his image. There are many instances that movies that got low ratings became successful. At the same time many a time critically acclaimed art movies don't find patronage from moviegoers. By constantly talking about ratings, he is actually implying that the movie is not working at all.