Allu Arjun throws party for GG team

Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 18:00

Allu Arjun has developed a habit of throwing parties whenever a good movie comes. When Satish Vegeshna directed ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ went on to become a super hit, Bunny threw a grand party for the entire team. He did the same for ‘Mahanti’ team as well. 

Even though Mahanati was a competitor for his own film Naa Peru Surya, Bunny felt happy for the special film doing well at ticket window. He invited many bigwigs like Rajamouli for the party. In fact, entire cast and crew of Mahanati were contented with the encouragement.

Now, Allu Arjun had organized a lavish party for the core team of recent sensation ‘Geetha Govindam’. A good gesture from Bunny.