Anasuya defends offensive joke

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 10:30

Anchor Anasuya who made so much hue and cry about Vijay Devarakonda using a swear word on a public stage is now defending an offensive joke made by her colleague on ‘Jabaradasth’ show. Comedian Hyper Adhi on the show said the orphans are those who are resultant products of over-reaching man and an over-eager woman. 
This insulting and crude joke about orphans is condemned by all social activists, news channels and people on social media. Anasuya who was laughing out loud for this joke on the show got trolled. However, Anasuya is defending this joke. She says comedy should not be taken seriously. 
But her followers are not amused by her statements. She now is attacking on the people who have questioned her.