Anasuya retorts at foolish comments

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 21:30

Anchor, actor Anasuya is being hailed for her role in the recently released ‘Rangasthalam’ for her role as ‘Rangamma Attha’. Little did she know that after all that adulation she will be facing severe brickbats. 

Anasuya is married and has two kids. Strange as it may sound, some people are upset that she is into acting, when they think that all she needs to do is look after her kids.

Anasuya in her Jabardast style has retorted. She said that what is wrong with a mother of two acts. Yester year actresses Bhanumathi and Savitri did that. They were married too. Why is that she is being targeted she questions. Anasuya sternly said that she will continue to do films if she finds the roles interesting.