Anushka is tired of period movies!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 18:00

'Arundhathi', 'Nagavalli', 'Damarukam', 'Baahubali', 'Rudhramadevi'. These films of Anushka Shetty have one thing in common. They were not really in the regular format of modern-day films. They belonged to rare genres like a costume drama, periodical, historical, fantasy.

The star actress is pretty much tired of doing such films. She believes that she has done enough of them already. Historical movies, for example, are physically taxing and highly demanding. Actors are expected to put in hours and hours for putting on the makeup. Besides, they take much longer than other films to be completed.  

Henceforth, Anushka has decided to do modern, contemporary roles. She even refused to do a cameo appearance in ‘Sye Raa’ for this reason but Chiranjeevi’s request changed her mind. She did it for Chiranjeevi.

The 'Bhaagamathie' actress is also charging upwards of Rs 3 Cr per film. The talented actress is doing 'Nishabdham' aka 'Silence', which will release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and English. She has not signed her next film yet.