Aranya surfaced after a long journey with the character: Rana

Saturday, February 22, 2020 - 16:30

Rana is known to get immersed in his roles. He brings incredible amounts of skill and dedication to the character he plays. ‘Aranya’ is no exception. For his forthcoming movie ‘Aranya’, he took his body transformations to the extreme, undertook immense physical and mental efforts to portray the character most authentically and truthfully.

The present avatar of ‘Aranya’ came after a lot of brainstorming and a journey with the character, says the actor.

“As I began journeying with the character, which involved me spending time in the forest and getting to know a herd of elephants, it started becoming clearer how this person, a forest man, would look. And here we are, looking at Aranya/Bandev/Kaadan in his present form,” says the lead actor Rana Daggubati. 

In the trilingual forthcoming film, Rana plays a forest man, Aranya in the Telugu version, Kaadan in Tamil and as Bandev, the God or protector of the forest, in Hindi, Haathi Mere Saathi.

The movie directed by Prabhu Solomon is slated to release on April 2.

(Press Release)