Balayya gives full freedom to Boyapati!

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 13:45

Director Boyapati has changed the script after Balakrishna’s ‘Ruler’ bombed miserably. Initially, he wrote a script that required a huge budget. But producer Miriyala Ravinder Reddy expressed his desire to walk out of this project as the market for Balayya’s movies is bad. 

Then Boyapati went to his writing-table and changed the script. Interestingly, Balayya didn’t ask the director what changes he has done to the original story.

It is said that the Nandamuri star blindly trusts Boyapati. He has given full freedom to the director. So, Boyapati altered the script without seeking permission from Balakrishna.

The film will hit the floors shortly.