Bigg Boss 2: Nani's funny reaction to Sanjana

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 09:15

Sanjana, a model and budding artiste who entered into Bigg Boss house in the section of “common public, got eliminated. She is now slamming Nani for everything. Nani who is hosting Bigg Boss 2 Telugu reacted to her Iphone jibe.

Sanjana said Nani has failed as host of ‘Bigg Boss’. According to her, NTR is like IPhone, Nani is normal mobile. “People who got accustomed to using I Phone, they don’t get satisfied with other phones. Similarly, after watching NTR as the host in first season, I am not liking Nani’s hosting skills. He lacks real stuff,” she said harshly.

Nani took it in stride and reacted in funny way. “Same pinch .. I like I phone too :),” he tweeted.

Nani is getting mixed reactions as host. Though he has improved a lot, he is getting negative trolls too.