Bul Bul Balayya loses it all

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 13:00

Nandamuri Balakrishna is a different person altogether when he is on screen. Fans cheer for him on screen. He has delivered many blockbusters. But when the makeup comes out and as he dons the political avatar, this is where things go wrong completely.

These days, Balayya has become favourite for 'Whatsapp Forward' gang as all his speeches and dialogues are fun and time pass for those in the social media and political world. After Chandra Babu fielding Harikrishna's daughter Suhasini from the Kukkatpally area, Balayya entered the political scene of Telangana. He was the star campaigner and many thought that he would attract the voters in that area who are mostly settlers from Andhra.

But Balayya made all sorts of fumbles and even couldn't get the Ä´Sare Jahan Se AcchaÄ´ right and fumbled with his Bul Bul speech and became a reason to laugh about.

Not only this, the way Balayya mouthed several statements like the people of Telangana didn't even know the spelling of IT.

Such statements have hurt the feelings of Telangana people. No wonder then that Suhasini lost badly. Not only has Balakrishna failed as a star campaigner but has made his face value also go down in time which has hurt the TDP in an even bigger manner.