Can you guess how much Officer collected?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 15:30

We all know Nagarjuna's 'Officer' directed by Ram Gopal Varma was biggest dud in Nag's career. For a big star like Nagarjuna, getting Rs 3-4 Cr share on the opening day is cakewalk.

But 'Officer' ended its entire run by collecting mere Rs 75 lakhs in  Telugu states. Yes, it was terminated in all theatres after three days of run. And it did get mere Rs 75 lakh (Share) in its total run. A shameful amount for Nagarjuna. Does Nag really have stardom, some wondered after this release.

Ram Gopal Varma's producer gave cheques for the publicity and all of them have bounced. And the producer is nowhere to see. On the other hand, the buyer who bought the film for whopping Rs 3.5 Cr lost entire amount on his investment. RGV has been indulging in just gimmicks, not making movies.