Dil Raju offers a film for Adivi Sesh

Friday, August 16, 2019 - 17:15

Adivi Sesh starrer ‘Evaru’ received good reviews from all the critics and it has also got stunning openings. The film took whopping Rs 65 lakhs in Nizam area in its first day and also received the best opening in the USA.

‘Evaru’ is on its way to becoming a hit given its ‘light’ production cost. The film is distributed by Dil Raju in Nizam.

“I have been watching Adivi Sesh’s movies. He has a peculiar knack for picking up the right thrillers. I am asking Sesh to make a film for our banner. Bring the director, story and everything on your own and make a film for us. I cannot judge thrillers at the script level,” he said.

He praised the twists and turns in the screenplay. Dil Raju also asked actor Naveen Chandra to continue the good work and focus on character roles only.