'Directing over Skype, the new catch phrase!

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 18:45

Whatever Ram Gopal Varma utters, some sound so intelligent and some so silly, become catch phrase. He sure does know how to put words in catchy manner. Ever since he told Hyderabad police that he directed 'God, Sex and Truth' over Skype, it has become catch phrase. 
To avoid legal problems, RGV said he did direct the film but stressed he was not present on the sets. "I directed the film with instructions over Skype," he said. 
Now in Andhra politicians too are using this 'Skype direction' to lash out the rivals. A Telugu Desam party MLC lambasted at YSRC President Jagan accusing him of directing BJP local leaders over Skype. He used Jagan is doing 'Skype Direction'.