Does Allu Arjun want to wrap up AA19 fast?

Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 09:30

Of late, Allu Arjun is regularly running into headlines for various reasons. He recently had a small verbal argument with senior co-director Satyam on the sets of Trivikram’s movie over misinformation about shoot’s schedule change. This is a petty incident and a very routine thing in a movie production but this was made into a huge issue.
On the other hand, Allu Arjun seriously wants to wrap up the movie’s shoot by October or November even though the film is scheduled for January 2020 release. After finishing this untitled Trivikram’s film, he wants to take a month’s break to change his body and hairstyle for Venu Sriram’s ‘Icon’. He will be sporting complete different look for ‘Icon’ which has already been announced.
This is the reason he wants Trivikram’s film to be wrapped up so fast. He doesn’t want delays further. This is causing all the confusion on the sets.