Don't troll family members: Lakshmi Prasanna

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 22:00

Lakshmi Prasanna speaks Telugu with thickly anglicised accent. She studied and spent some time in USA before she stepped into acting field. Hence her Telugu language is heavily peppered with American English accent. Her way of Telugu speaking is butt of many jokes and mimicry artistes have field day mimicking her style.
She says she doesn't mind them who mock her speech manner or dressing style but she is slamming the Youtube channels and social media handles who also talk ill about the family members of celebrities. "Since we are in public domain it is alright to be commented but why throw mudsling on our families. Which is totally deplorable," Lakshmi says.
She voiced her opinion during her the promotions of her upcoming film 'W/o Ram' that is hitting the screens on July 20.