Is Eesha giving a tough time to her producers?

Monday, October 28, 2019 - 14:30

Eesha Rebba is a talented actress. She is one of the few Telugu speaking actresses working in Tollywood. Of late, she is hitting the headlines with her bold photoshoot. On one hand, there is criticism that Tollywood filmmakers are not encouraging local talent (Telugu girls), the other hand is that the one who gets the chance is spoiling it.

Buzz is that Eesha is giving a tough time to her producers.

Eesha has done a film titled ‘Raaboye 24 Gantallo’. The film is ready for release. According to sources, she has thrown a lot of tantrums during the shoot and made the makers’ life miserable with her attitude. When she is asked to come to the shoot of a promotional song, she gave a miss.

The exasperated makers are sulking over her starry attitude.