Falaknuma Das gets good openings in Hyderabad

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 15:45

Vishwak Sen starred ‘Falaknuma Das’ that premiered (paid previews) on Thursday night in Hyderabad took good openings. The film took in about Rs 80 lakhs on day one which is huge for this movie that was made on a shoestring budget.  

However, it has no takers in Andhra and other regions. ‘Falaknuma Das’ got good openings due to its terrific trailer cut. However, the word-of-mouth and ratings are poor. So, it will try hard to sustain at the box-office.

Based on Malayalam hit ‘Angamaly Diaries’, this mass drama has its moments but has failed to impress on the whole. Vishwak Sen, on the other hand, is making wild statements using swear words on Instagram.