Falaknuma Das: Interesting teaser with street lingo

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 16:45

Here comes a Telugu movie teaser that has full of street lingo with cuss words freely mouthed by the actors.  The movie is 'Falaknuma Das'. It stars Vishwak Sen who debuted as lead actor in director Tharun Bhaskar's second film 'Ee Nagarinike Emaindi'. The actor also directed this movie that is remake of Malayalam super hit movie 'Angamaly Diaries'.

As the original film depicted life in a suburban area of Cochin, this Telugu version is set in Falakunma, an area in old city of Hyderabad. The pork business in the original becomes red meat business here.

This is boldest teaser with liberal use of expletives. Seems all the actors have used expletive-spliced lines to convey their anger. We have to see whether these lines would remain intact in the film or would they cut by Censor Board. The teaser is interesting and it seems Vishwak Sen has got the remake right.