Gnanavel Raja's wife makes controversial statement

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 14:30

Leading Tamil producer Gnanavel Raja, who also regularly produces movies in Telugu and dubs his cousin Suriya's movies, landed in soup when his wife Neha Gnanavel tweeted some controversial statements about some actresses calling them sex workers. 

She said some heroines chase producers, stalk them and always ready offering their body, She said they are worse than sex workers. She said they always bed ready. However, her statements didn't go well, they created ruckus online.

Some pointed that she might be facing issue with some actresses regarding her husband but she clarified that she made it in general and her husband has nothing to do with her tweets. However, she deleted them soon. 

Neha posted this..

Well some sensitive things are not for entertainment! My post was not my domestic problem which I brought it here! Nor I by an issue with my husband! It's my encounters and many incidents of people around us, of how these bitches constantly follow and chase married mens life ... if a women wants to talk boldly about it but ppl naming it as leaks?!! lam sorry! lam not here to get attention or create a drama... I have to delete the tweet as it wasn't doing any good here of talking about an issue which women face by women itself... Certain comments about my husband was hurtful as poor him has got nothing to do with me standing for few facts! Understanding the sensitivity I by to delete but I will reach wherever it takes to bring a warning to all these show media is very powerful so pls do support in a sensible way to be heard.