Hari Teja reveals her actual age!

Saturday, May 2, 2020 (All day)

Women tend to hide or lie about their real age. This is a universal trend. Nobody knows some of the actresses' actual age. But Hari Teja has informed her age to her online followers.

Hari Teja, who is popular playing comedy or character roles in films said she’s just 28. Whether you believe it or not, that is my actual age, she declared. The ‘A Aa’ actress said she was born in 1992. 

“I know many of you think I am lying about my age. But this is a fact,” she said. Of late, Hari Teja is also taking up negative characters. In the recently released ‘HIT’ starring Vishwak, she played a bold role. She also smoked a cigarette in a scene. “I did smoke a real cigarette. It was not faking,” she revealed.