He apologized to me, Kajal reveals

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 08:30

Nearly a month after the ‘Kissing controversy’ happened, actress Kajal opened up on the issue. While trying to hug Kajal, Cameraman Chota K Naidu put a peck on Kajal’s cheeks at the event of Kavacham’s pre-release. Though she was shocked by his rude attitude, she made the moment lighter by commenting that he took it as “chance pe dance”.

She finally spoke on this controversy in a latest interview. Kajal revealed that even she was shocked with his behavior on the stage. “However, Chota apologized to me after getting down from the dais and he had no bad intentions,” she said. I have known him from long time and he never behaved badly, she further confessed.

‘Kavacham’ which was released early this month turned out to be disaster at the box-office. She ended this year with a flop.