'Hiranya Kashyap' is too risky for Rana?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 08:00

After living in the US for months post a kidney-related surgery, Rana Daggubati is very much in Hyderabad. Last weekend, he went to London to attend the Baahubali concert. This shows he’s fine and has already begun working. However, doctors have advised him not to strain himself.

He can't afford to subject himself to physical stress. Given the nature of the ailment that he was treated for, he has been best-advised to work judiciously.

At this juncture, can Rana afford to do a film like 'Hiranya Kashyap'? The mythological drama has been in the planning for more than three years. It will be made in Hindi as well, as a pan-India project. But given Rana's health condition, it doesn't quite suit him to do the heavy-duty work. Gunasekhar has envisioned it as a large-scale movie with huge sets, VFX shots, etc. The film requires him to put on heavy makeup and ornaments for hours at a stretch. It will be a visual spectacle, demanding a lot from Rana. It's not easy to do battle-heavy films.

It is opined that it would be good if Rana postpones the movie’s shoot for another year or so. 'Virata Parvam' is his next. Sai Pallavi and director Venu Udugula are associated with the project.

We have to wait and see what would Rana do regarding Gunasekhar’s project? Will he take the risk?