Hyped business deals, distressed producers

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 09:15

Hyping pre-release business has become order of the day. These days’ producers and their PR teams are indulging in promotional tactics saying that their films have almost recovered their investment from satellite and other avenues or making tall claims that they struck a great business deal with distributors.
After the release, most of these tall claims are turning out to be false. In the recent past, many producers who used these tactics actually left in huge losses after the release. Hyping up collections is regular promotional trick. Now they are doing it for pre-release biz. Even a section of media is happily publicizing.
No body is applying their brains how could an actor or director who is going through lean phase can struck a terrific pre-release business deal? But even such cases are happily being reported.
To satisfy a star’s ego, the producers are indulging in hyping up collections and business deals. But in reality, except few biggies, none of the movies brought smiles to the producers. Can you believe this: some of the so-called big hits actually are lose ventures for the producers? This is the reality of movie business today.