Improved Nani offers no masala!

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 11:45

Expectations from 'Bigg Boss 2' host Nani was not so high from the beginning. It should have worked to his advantage. Going by what the viewers are saying, the leeway that Nani has enjoyed in terms of low expectations is not giving way to unreserved acceptance of his anchoring even after two weekends.
Yesterday's episode was a litmus test for Nani. He was expected to live up to the 'Eesari inkkonchem masala' catchphrase of the reality show. While he was better compared to what he did in the maiden weekend, scope for improvement is limitless.
His spontaneity is not easy, and his timing needs to be more comfortable. So, his hosting skills are understandably drawing a mixed reaction from all quarters.  
It's felt that Nani needs to spice up his anchoring so as to add variety. Even if one doesn't compare him with NTR's hosting skills, Nani absolutely needs to improve a lot so that we don't have to write him off.