JLP role was not easy: Srinivasa Reddy

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 10:15

'Jamba Lakadi Pamba', which has comedian Srinivasa Reddy in the lead is in theatres now. The film is directed by J B Murali Krishna. In this film we will see the comedian behaving like a woman. Sounds easy? No says the comedian. The role was not a cake walk. When he dressed like a woman there was wee bit of uncomfort. But that eased slowly.

It was his wife and daughters who instilled confidence in him that he can pull of the role easily. He saw many films in which actors like Naresh and Rajendra Prasad behaved like women.

Srinivas Reddy has done this role just for variety. His focus is not to play the lead role, but to do comedy. Once in a way he does not mind doing such stints.