Kangana says Manikarnika is her film

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 22:15

Kangana Ranaut confessed that she directed more than half of ‘Manikarnika’. She claims it is her film as a director. She was talking at the film’s trailer launch. She informed the media that she went by her own vision, not by Krish, the film’s original director.

Krish directed the film but he left the project for NTR Biopic. Later Kangana took the reins and changed the entire movie in her style. She is sharing the credits of directing with Krish. Her name was added in the trailer. When the teaser was released, only Krish’s name was seen. Now, both Krish and Kangana’s name are seen as the movie directors.

“I didn’t have to take anyone’s vision forward. I could use my own vision. I didn’t see any obstacle like that,” she made it clear.

‘Manikarnika’ will be releasing on Jan 25, 2019.