Kartikeya admits Hippi got misfired

Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 19:15

Kartikeya Gummakonda who shot to fame with ‘RX100’ received humiliating debacle with his recent movie ‘Hippi’, a confusing youthful movie. The film put him in most embarrassing situation and has made him to prove his worth again. All that hype he got from ‘RX100’ fizzled out.

Although Kartikya has many films in his kitty, buyers have lost confidence on him. He needs to deliver a hit with next release.

“I admit that i failed to meet the expectations last time but i promise this is going to make us all proud big time in all ways,” he posted while promoting his upcoming release ‘Guna 369’.

Kartikeya hoped that he would become poster boy for youthful movies with adult theme but his idea got backfired. ‘Hippi’ received lowest ratings from critics and the overall gross of the movie is lower than what ‘Rx100’ collected in its two days.

Kartikeya is also playing negative role in Nani starrer ‘Gang Leader’.