Khaidi will appeal to family audiences as well!

Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 10:45

Karthi’s ‘Khaidi’ is releasing tomorrow. The action drama doesn’t have a heroine. Nor does it have songs. It is a serious action drama. Given the fact that the movie is a raw action drama, would it attract the family audiences? 

“We strongly believe emotions are more important. This is conveyed beautifully and in-depth, in ‘Kaithi’. People who watched the trailer would have understood that this film is the journey of a prisoner who comes out of jail after 10 years to see his 10 years old daughter for the first time. With that, the reason behind the fight, why and whom, the hero hits is more important. Since it is acceptable, the family audience will like the fight sequence as well. This is an emotional action film; it will be liked by all the audience irrespective of the class,” the makers said in a statement.

Karthi has a steady fan following in Telugu states.