Koratala - Bunny film: Rumor or real?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 10:00

One photo sharing from S S Rajamouli has changed many combinations and equations in Tollywood movie industry. Without announcing it openly, Rajamouli made it clear that he is going with Ram Charan and NTR as heroes for his next big action movie. So, all other directors who inked deal with these heroes or were hoping to make movies are forced to change their plans.
Director Koratala Siva who is also equally considered as the big director is currently directing Mahesh Babu in ‘Bharath Ane Nenu’ and he has announced his next two movies even before this movie was launched. Koratala Siva said he would direct a film with Ram Charan after he completes ‘Bharath Ane Nenu’ and thereafter will work with NTR again.
Now, both these stars will not be free until 2019 with their current commitments. So, Koratala Siva has to team up with other stars. This led to speculation that Koratala Siva may go with Allu Arjun who will become free of his current film “Naa Peru Surya” from April. Siva will also be free of ‘BAN’ from April.
There is also talk that Nagarjuna has given Koratala a tempting price offer to direct his son Akhil’s third movie. Will Koratala go with Akhil or Allu Arjun?