Koratala donates half the remuneration to charity?

Monday, April 6, 2020 - 19:15

Koratala Siva is the most successful director in Tollyoowd after Rajamouli. With a 100 percent success rate, the top director commands a remuneration of Rs 15 crore. But not many aware that he spends a major chunk of his income for social service and charity. 

“I have come to know the other side of Koratala during the shooting of ‘Acharya’. He has the left ideology and raises concerns about the current political system. The other great aspect is that he and his wife remained not to have children for the sake of society. They are donating the money to the society and charity,” megastar Chiranjeevi revealed. 

One may wonder what is the link between charity and being childless. But that that is Koratala Siva. Now comes the question: how much does he donate to the charity? As per Chiru, much of his income goes to charity. Looks like Koratala doesn’t publicize this charity work.

The ‘Mirchi’ and ‘Janata Garage’ director is currently helming ‘Acharya’. He will also team up with NTR once again early next year.