Mahabharat can wait, says Rajamouli

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 10:15

Master craftsman S S Rajamouli is in no hurry to do his next film. He is enjoying all the free time he is getting now. Why not! Baahubali series took so many years and became successful. It is a well-deserved break time for Rajamouli.

Meanwhile, the director says there are so many stories sprouting in his head. It will take some time for these ideas to take shape in his head. Also the director is in no hurry to do his version of Mahabharat. Bollywood hero Aamir Khan has similar plans. But then Rajamouli says that Mahabharat can be interpreted in so many ways. 

Prabhas is an intelligent actor says Rajamouli. But for some time he will not be working with him. They have been together for five years and need a break from each other. Also both have their own commitments to honour.