My boyfriend has guts, says Sri Reddy

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 09:15

Small time actress Sri Reddy hit the headlines with her daring interviews of late. The actress who played roles in films like ‘Aravind 2’ recently said Tollywood filmmakers mistreat Telugu girls when they seek offers in Telugu movies. She also said casting couch malaise is deep rooted in the industry.
The actress has now turned active on Facebook and continued her daring statements. She recently posted that she is currently dating a Punjabi singer called Ekam.
Some netizens pointed out her double standards. On one hand she is slamming filmmakers preferring ‘fair-skinned’ thin North Indian heroines over “well-endowed” Telugu heroines, on the other hand she is dating Punjabi guy. To this she replied in her own daring way, “Vaadaiki ***** Dammundi”.
She further continued that every guy asked her to sleep with them but only her current boyfriend asked her to marry him. “Every one asked me to sleep wt them..but ekam bawa asked me,wl u marry my bad times also he is giving the best strength..hats off to this guy#Superb Punjabi guts,” she posted.