Mythri Movie Makers still hopeful on Pawan Kalyan?

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 01:00

We all know that Pawan Kalyan will soon be turning quite busy with active politics in 2018. He has already expressed that he would put his film assignments aside to reach out to people as president of Jana Sena party. Most probably, his current film ‘Agnathavaasi’ aka ‘PSPK25’ could be his last movie.

However, the production house Mythri Movie Makers are still hopeful that Pawan Kalyan would act in their production house. It's known that Pawan Kalyan had taken an advance from Mythri Movie Makers for a possible movie. And the production house brought in Santosh Srinivas to direct this crucial pre-election project.

Even before 'Agnathavasi' has been completed, Santosh and his writing team are ready with the film's story. Pawan is expected to listen to the script at an appropriate time.  As of now, his energies are focused only on his film with Trivikram Srinivas.

It has to be seen what would be Pawan Kalyan’s decision. Would he agree to complete this project in quick manner or bid bye to films on temporary base to concentrate on coming assembly elections?