Naga Shaurya finally buys smart phone

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 11:30

Young actor Naga Shaurya has finally started using a smart phone. Yes, you read it right. All these years, he doesn’t own a mobile phone for himself. He stayed away from using mobiles. Everyone has to contact him through landline or his mother’s mobile phone.
Don’t ask how did he talk to his rumoured girlfriend during the last one year? He claims he never touched smart phone to converse with others.
This attitude won him trolling on social media. After the debacle of ‘Narthanashala’, he changed his attitude and also moved away from the stance of ‘no mobile phones’.
Declaring that he now owns a smart phone, Naga Shaurya shared a pic with this message: “A smartphone in my hand after all these years… Did I enter a vicious world?”