Nagarjuna nurses a grudge with Trivikram?

Monday, August 5, 2019 - 10:15

‘Manmadhudu’ is one of the best entertainers Nagarjuna has done in his long career. It is, of course, another matter that Nagarjuna keeps telling that the movie did bring fewer profits to him compared to the so-called crass movie ‘Mass’. ‘Manmadhudu’ is only critics’ favorite has been his refrain. 
No wonder then that he has avoided the name of Trivikram, the writer of ‘Manmadhudu’ while speaking about the movie at the promotional event of ‘Manmadhudu 2’. He spoke at length about Vijay Bhaskar, the director of the movie but didn’t mention Trivikram's name who had written story, screenplay, and dialogues. 
There is a reason why Nagarjuna avoided Trivikram’s name. Nagarjuna approached Trivikram to direct his son Akhil but the latter declined to do so. This must be the reason for Nag nursing a grudge against him and avoiding his name. 

Incidentally, 'Manmadhudu 2' has no relation to the original movie 'Manmadhudu'. This is not sequel either except the resemblance that Nagarjuna plays a guy who avoids getting married. This new film is directed by Rahul Ravindran and the story is based on a French hit, 'I Do'.