Nagarjuna realizes Manmadhudu 2 is a flop

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 12:15

Nagarjuna has finally realized that ‘Manmadhudu 2’ has been rejected by audiences. He was in denial on the second day but now he has come to accept its fate. The film totally crashed at the box-office.
He has also cancelled further promotional activities about this movie. ‘Manmadhudu 2’ is based on a French movie ‘I Do’ but it has failed to click with the Telugu audiences due to its lousy narration and adult jokes. The movie will lose more than Rs 8 Cr on its investment.
Nagarjuna still maintains great looks and he seems a lot younger than he is but audiences don’t want to see him doing sleazy stuff and mouth double meaning dialogues. He has scared his core audiences with this movie.