Nayanathara's Karthavyam getting praise

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 11:15

This weekend we will witness three films competing at the box-office. While Nikhil starrer ‘Kirrak Party’ is the much-awaited, ‘Dandupalyam 3’ and ‘Karthyavyam’ too are creating buzz. Nayanathara starrer ‘Karthavyam’ in particular has generated positive buzz thanks to its early previews.
The movie that depicts the criminal negligence of not closing the unused borewell in realistic manner is getting praise from those who have watched the movie in previews. The film was also a hit and won great critical praise in Tamil. The dubbed version too is evincing similar reactions.
Nayanathara has played the role of a collector. Sharat Marrar is bringing the film to the Telugu audiences.