New generation directors of Tollywood

Monday, May 28, 2018 - 09:30

Thanks to Rajamouli, Telugu film industry is no more just another region from the south which makes over the top mass commercial films and is hero-centric. Baahubali not only made heads turns but also put Telugu cinema on the world map. The entire country's focus is now on Tollywood and even biggest of the stars from Bollywood want to be a part of our film industry. The face of Telugu cinema is changing rapidly as directors are touching subjects and films which were a distant dream for filmmakers during the yesteryears. Content-based films are the need of the hour and if you look at the biggest hits in the recent times, all have been films which had a strong content. New age directors have changed the way films are made in Telugu. We look at five such directors who will change the fortunes of Telugu cinema with their amazing craftsmanship in the coming days.
Sankalp Reddy
First in the list is the well-trained Sankalp Reddy. An MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from Australia, he was the first one to think out of the box and made a film on a submarine and that too in Telugu. His story was so gripping that star actors like Rana Daggubatti made things possible for Sankalp to do the film as a bilingual. The result was there to see as a gripping underwater war drama featuring India and Pakistan made everyone root for the film. Not only did the film win critical acclaim but won itself a national award. Sankalp is a talent to watch out for as he is not the guy who will make the round a mill hero oriented commercial film. An example of this is his latest film with Varun Tej which has a space set up and is once again devoid of regular masala stuff.
Sandeep Reddy Vanga
How can one forget the hysteria this man created with his film Arjun Reddy. It would be no exaggeration to say that Arjun Reddy was the most hyped and talked about film post-Baahubali. The film shook the corridors of Telugu cinema so hard that the audience were shocked to see a normal love story told in such a hard-hitting manner. The way the protagonist was showcased and how an actor like Vijay Deverakonda went about playing the role with no holds barred was an achievement of its own by Sandeep Reddy. In one way, you can say that Sandeep has changed the perception of the audience completely and made them ready to watch some bold scenes if narrated in a convincing manner. Sandeep is one of those talents who will go to extreme lengths of showcasing hard-hitting films as Telugu cinema evolves even more in the coming days.
This young director proved that no formal training is needed if you have the basic sense of filmmaking right. He didn't struggle much as his work in some of his hit short films got him the chance of directing a feature film. Sujeeth is that one director who knows the pulse of the audience as his way of filmmaking was a runaway hit with Run Raja Run. This film not only became a big hit but brought him the golden chance of directing the megastar Prabhas. Sujeeth is said to take Tollywood to new heights with his upcoming film Saaho. In Sujeeth, Tollywood has found a man who can make our own Die Hard and Fast and Furious kind of films making him a hot cake in the industry.
Tarun Bhaskar
Romantic comedy is a genre which is not touched much in Tollywood. Either there are full-length comedy capers of love stories but a mix of both is a rarity. This is where Tarun Bhaskar shines as he made a trendsetting film called Pelli Choopulu which broke many norms. It showcased girls in a progressive manner and also dealt with very innovative ideas to be independent in life. His smooth narration without a scene of vulgarity made him an overnight talent to watch out for. In the coming days, Tarun will surely take the place of Shekhar Kammula where you get progressive films made in a very clean manner which will reach a larger section of the audience.
Nag Ashwin
Who thought that coming of age films which are made in Hollywood and Bollywood would click in Telugu cinema. Nag Ashwin prove everyone wrong with his hit film Yevade Subramanyam. Tollywood got a feeling that there is one director who can be sensible and make you understand what you want in life through his soul touching execution. With Mahanati, he has broken the barrier even more and brought the biopic culture to Tollywood. His brilliant narration of the film without compromising much on the commercial aspects have done wonders to the film. Nag Ashwin will be that one filmmaker who can make films in every genre and come out successfully. Such is his talent and the capacity to narrate characters which are quite real and one amongst us.