Not triangle, different angle story!

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 19:30
Virinchi Varma

Virinchi Varma is just one film old. But he evokes optimism in a section of audience. 'Majnu' is his big film for now. In this interview, the talented writer-director talks about why 'Majnu' is a love story with a difference, experience of working with 'Nani' and more. The film releases on 23rd Septebmer. 

Tell us about your journey in Tollywood?
I worked as Madan garu's assitant for 'Pellaina Kotthalo', 'Pravarakhyudu' and 'Gundejhallumandi'. I wrote the story of 'Uyyala Jampala' and narrated to Ram Mohan garu, who liked it. Rest as you say is history.

Majnu...what is it all about?
'Majnu' evolved from a small idea. This is not a serious movie, for all the image that the title evokes. Nani plays a sincere lover who makes an effort to win in love after seeing a failure. 'Majnu' is more entertaining than gloomy. The old Majnu we know died for love.  

Is it a triangular love story?
This is not a triangular love story. This has a different 'angle'. Saying anything more will amount to revealing the plot line. Many  have love failures in their life. But only a few cross the hurdle to get victory. That's why Nani's character is that of a sincere lover.  

Was Nani your first choice?
I wrote the script keeping Nani in mind. Glad that Nani too liked the script. Nani's comic timing is just brilliant in the movie. It's a pleasure working with him because he gets along like an assistant director. He doesn't show airs. He involves himself with the making process. In 'Majnu', he will make the audience cry as much as have them in splits.  

Is this a true story?
I have no love stories in my life. No scene in the movie is based on a true incident.  

There are many cameos in Majnu, we hear?
Since Nani is an assistant director working for 'Baahubali', Rajamouli garu will be seen in the movie. Besides him, Raj Tharun has a cameo.

Are you worried about the fate of this film?
I am not tensed about the result. I wrote the script keeping in mind the tastes of different sections of audience.  

Future Projects?
I have just written a story. I have three heroes in mind. I will meet them to narrate the story after the release of 'Majnu'.