NTR had one thing in mind, but said another thing!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 09:45

NTR's remarks during his speech at 'Jai Lava Kusa' success meet have generated hullabaloo. So much so, they have now become the hottest topic on social media. NTR is never the one who would blabber in the spur of the moment. "Tongue slip" is a stranger in his case. When it comes to talking in a measured way, he is an orator par excellence.

Let's rewind what he had to say.

He explained through an analogy how non-experts are deciding the fate of a film even before experts (doctors are audiences in this story) are out to give their verdict. To be fair to NTR, there is an element of truth in what he said. Some media outlets, these days, are into spreading negativity about some films before the film actually releases. For example, they claim that a film's pre-release business is bad for this or that reason. They write that the content is not good and so, the makers are doing this or that to sell their movie. But he couldn't convey this message an unambiguous and strong way. If we hear the speech again, his intention is different, the outcome is quite contrast. Had he shown restraint here, respect towards NTR would have been increased.

There is a difference between news and views. Reviews are only critic's point of view. Reviews are not gossip. By seeming to confuse the two, NTR has invited negative criticism.

While his arguments are valid to an extent, words like 'Dari lo poye danayyalu' have not gone down well with anyone. Mainstream Telugu film critics are very fair. They don't resort to personal comments against heroes, directors, etc. Also, some of the films that got positive reviews have flopped. It is also true that films that got negative reviews have turned out to be super hits. At the end of the day, reviews are only views. Negative propaganda about the film seems to be the target of NTR. But by declaring critics as 'darina poye danayyalu', he received the criticism. Even though he stressed "a few critics", it is not a defendable one. The purpose of NTR's speech now stands defeated!

When one is too emotional about something, he or she is bound to lose reasoning. We should recall one recent incident. Many reviews criticized the makers of 'A Aa' for not giving 'Meena' (on which the film is based), Trivikram Srinivas sought to steer clear by explaining the reason behind it: 'Due to technical glitches, we couldn't put it in the credits. We are going to do it now'. He didn't criticize the media in doing this though comedian Srinivas Reddy blabbered something. One hopes Trivikram's dignified response will be an example for others.