NTR's fans vs Meera Chopra, the online fight turns ugly

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 09:15

Remember Meera Chopra, the heroine of ‘Bangaram’? Her online spat with NTR’s fans has now turned into a huge controversy. The actress reportedly received rape and acid attack threats from NTR’s fans and she also filed an official complaint through Hyderabad police through Twitter.

It all began when she chatted with fans on Twitter. She, however, didn’t say much about NTR when his fans asked her to respond. She reportedly made positive comments about Mahesh Babu. Soon things turned into ugly and the fans called her ‘b**ch’. She tagged NTR and said his fans are abusing her. 

Meera Chopra tweeted, “Well i didnt know not being somebody’s fan was a crime.. i want to say this loud to all the girls that if you are not a fan of @tarak9999, u could be raped, murdered, gangraped, ur parents could be killed as tweeted by his fans. They r totally spoiling the name of their idol.”

She also tagged NTR, “@tarak9999 i didnt kno that ill be called a bitch, whore and a pornstar, just bcoz i like @urstrulyMahesh more then you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And i hope u dont ignore my tweet!!!”

About 14 years ago, she made it to the headlines with her professional and personal life. Although her films like ‘Bangaram’, Nithin’s ‘Maaro’, and ‘Vaana’ didn’t succeed at the box-office, she hit the headlines with controversies back then. She last appeared in a Telugu film was seven years ago. Of late, she’s playing roles in Bollywood movies. She said she’s now facing online threats from NTR.

Meera Chopra also urged Hyderabad Police to action against them. “@hydcitypolice @CyberCrimeshyd i would like to report all these accounts. They are talking abt gang banging, are abusive and death threatning. Unfortunately they are all @tarak9999 fanclubs. @Twitter i would request you to look into it and suspend these accounts,” she posted.