Oh Baby collects Rs 17 Cr in 17 days

Monday, July 22, 2019 - 15:30

Samantha’s ‘Oh Baby’ has finally turned out to be a huge hit. The movie has raked in about Rs 17 Cr worldwide in 17 days. This sudden jump in overall share came from the USA market. The movie has steadily performed in the USA in its second and third weekend. It is now just short of touching $1 million mark. 

Although it received just Rs 11 Cr in AP and Telangana, the rest of the amount came from the overseas market. Now, ‘Oh Baby’ stands as a huge hit.

Directed by Nandini Reddy, it starred Samantha, Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad in the lead roles. The combination of director Nandini Reddy and Samantha has become hot and the efforts are on to bring them back again.