Pawan fans fuming over 'mastermind' RGV!

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 09:15

Ram Gopal Varma has admitted that it was his game plan of putting Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan. In a video he released, he said he instigated Sri Reddy to hurl abusive word ‘MC’ toward Pawan Kalyan so that media and entire focus would turn on her. He gave strange explanation to this act.

Soon after he released this video, fans felt they have vindicated. They say that they have been telling everyone that RGV and others are deliberately trying to defame Pawan Kalyan for their personal benefits. We have been exposing them but no one believed back then, they say. “It is now out in the open. How some forces are plotting against Pawan Kalyan to bring his popularity down. It is a political conspiracy,” they lash out.

Now that RGV himself admitted of his act, will Tollywood industry come together to take action against him? What will be Pawan Kalyan’s reaction? Fans vow that they would teach RGV a lesson.