Pawan Kalyan fans to legal action on Sri Reddy

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 09:30

Sri Reddy shocked everyone by hurling abusive word against Pawan Kalyan just because he told her to take legal recourse instead of sitting in TV studios. She welcomed his statement first. Within hours she backtracked her statement and started abusing Pawan Kalyan. The other day, she went far and showed middle finger to him and used most abusive word without any provocation.
Pawan Kalyan fans say she is playing game according to the sketch by her masters. Deeply hurt by her cuss words, Pawan Kalyan fans want to fight with her legally. In the past, Pawan fans used to vocal in expressing their displeasure but this attitude brought them in trouble and criticism from the public. They want to fight it legally, the wise option for anyone to do so.
Sri Reddy, who has been protesting against casting couch, is constantly changing her statements and words. If you take a look at her Facebook posts and videos and her video chats with “fans”, she cannot be taken seriously. But she has now become darling of media.
She made allegations against some celebrities and one of them posted on FB that he would take legal action and she immediately said she made these allegations just to entertainer her followers on social media. The way Sri Reddy is now talking and working, Pawan Kalyan fans say there is some political conspiracy. Someone is trying to throw mud on PK through her.