Pawan Kalyan maintaining same look

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 21:00

How is Pawan Kalyan looking now? The Jana Sena chief sported a bearded look during the campaigning phase for several months. Since he is free from immediate political works, has he shaven the beard?

Many rumours have claimed for the past few days that Pawan is now in his Power Star look, that is, clean-shaven. Turns out that the reports are false. He was spotted recently at the wedding of Ramoji Rao's granddaughter. And during the event, Pawan was conspicuous by his presence with a full beard and thick hairdo.  

With this, it is clear that Pawan has not clean shaven his beard. Much as his fans would love to see him in the glamorous avatar, looks like the politician Pawan is not ready for that as of now.